Can I change (parts of) the commitment?

The 12 points of the commitment come as a bundle. If you sign the commitment on this webpage, you should agree and comply to all 12 points.

There are, however, two ways to alter the commitment:

  1. “Sign-and-extend”: If you agree and comply to the 12 points of the commitment but want to add other points, you can sign the commitment and add additional aspects to your personal commitment (for an example, see Jim Grange’s blog post, who added an additional point about pre-prints).
  2. “Modify to a personalized commitment”: The commitment is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. That means, you can copy, share, or adapt the text of the commitment as long as you cite the original authors and link back to the original commitment. You can use our commitment as starting point and craft your personal commitment on a transparency level that you feel comfortable with. If you remove points from the commitment, however, you should not sign on this website and not use the blue badge.

Additionally, if you want to suggest a change in the wording of the “official” commitment, or suggest an additional point, feel free to write an email to

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