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Recent signatories:

Karen Zentgraf from Goethe University Frankfurt
signed on 2019-01-18
Pablo Bernabeu from Lancaster University
signed on 2019-01-04
John Protzko from University of California, Santa Barbara
signed on 2018-11-15
Bowen J Fung from California Institute of Technology
signed on 2018-09-05
Candice Morey from Cardiff University
signed on 2018-07-27
Daniel Ebbert from University of Münster
signed on 2018-07-26
Ben Marwick from University of Washington
signed on 2018-07-21
Katharina Gangl from University of Goettingen
signed on 2018-07-19
Kuppuraj Sengottuvel from Western University
signed on 2018-07-15
Sau-Chin Chen from Tzu-Chi University
signed on 2018-07-14