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Recent signatories:

Stephen Politzer-Ahles from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
signed on 2017-03-21
John Towse from Lancaster University
signed on 2017-03-16
Louise Connell from Lancaster University
signed on 2017-03-16
Dermot Lynott from Lancaster University
signed on 2017-03-16
Mark Andrews from Nottingham Trent University
signed on 2017-02-17
Jeromy Anglim from Deakin University
signed on 2017-02-16
Sven Hilbert from LMU Munich
signed on 2017-02-08
John Rauthmann from Wake Forest University
signed on 2017-01-16
Ladislas Nalborczyk from Université Grenoble Alpes
signed on 2017-01-11
Ulrich Schroeders from Empirical Research, University of Bamberg
signed on 2017-01-06