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Recent signatories:

Willem from Radboud University
signed on 2018-03-18
Stephan Goerigk from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
signed on 2018-02-26
Nina Sarubin from HS Fresenius, Infanteriestrasse 11a, 80797 München
signed on 2018-02-24
Jeremy R. Winget from Loyola University Chicago
signed on 2018-02-12
Daniel Nüst from University of Münster
signed on 2018-01-25
Brice Beffara from The Walden III Slowpen Science Laboratory
signed on 2018-01-19
Peter Edelsbrunner from ETH Zürich
signed on 2018-01-17
Chuan-Peng Hu from Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center
signed on 2018-01-16
Caroline A. Larson from University of Wisconsin-Madison
signed on 2017-12-14
Sarah June Kittleson Sant\'Ana from University of Wisconsin-Madison
signed on 2017-12-14